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Crippled Black Phoenix – Live: 8th April

As anyone who knows The Cluny is aware the venues stage can comfortably accommodate a standard 4/5 piece band, 6 at a push depending on the setup. Anyone who knows Crippled Black Phoenix, and that’s the bulk of tonight’s crowd of course, also knows they are far from a standard band and number eight (usually). … Continue reading

White Lies – Live: 17th February

Tonight is a little puzzling to me. See, I still think of White Lies as being a small, ‘cultish’ band with a loyal but limited following. This makes no real sense because they have bags of tunes and wide appeal, even so this thought prevails. I’m strangely excited then to see they’ve filled the Academy … Continue reading

The Joy Formidable, The Chapman Family – Live: 8th February

My entry to tonight’s gig is initially thwarted partly to PR inefficiancy, but happily I bump into The Chapman Family’s front man Kingsley who kindly bundles me indoors just in time to watch his band play a blistering set in front of the packed crowd. Support slots can be a thankless position but The Chapman … Continue reading

Wild Palms – Live: 6th Mar 2010

> Ex-Ex-Lion Tamers, now Wild Palms, this gaggle of southern reprobates are one of my tips for 2010. Not just for their obvious ability to electrically charge the room within seconds of firing off the set’s scattered drum patterns and lacerating guitar riffs. Although this definitely helps. Not even due to the fact that the … Continue reading

Marina & The Diamonds – Live: 18th Feb 2010

>Synth-based pop with a confident front woman is just what the record buying public want at the minute right? Well, okay we are spoiled for choice actually – Florence, Little Boots and La Roux being the most visible and newcomers including Ellie Goulding in the wings, so how does Marina differ? There’s a lot of wordy, … Continue reading

These New Puritans – Live: 5th Feb 2010

>Capturing live the glacial sounds and rib-shattering rhythms of their new album ‘Hidden’, might have seemed a daunting prospect for These New Puritans. Having stitched together a series of vaguely militaristic songs in the studio which by turns flay the skin off your bones and then wrap warm brass around everything to soothe the pain … Continue reading

A Place To Bury Strangers – Live: 13th Nov 2009

> You really have to hand it to Jukebox, they consistently manage to book some stunning bands you wouldn’t get an opportunity to see anywhere else and A Place To Bury Strangers are certainly no exception. With the Brooklyn, NYC band’s recently released second album ‘Exploding Head’ (out on Mute records now) still very much box … Continue reading

Vessels – Live: 8th Apr 2009

>Gazing at the stage I appear to be looking directly into Vessels studio set up. They’ve got everything up to the kitchen sink, plugged in, amped up, locked in and eager to go. The density of the quintet’s songs would appear to warrant such a diversity of instruments and personnel. My only previous exposure to Vessels … Continue reading

Little Boots, Heartbreak – Live: 22nd Nov 2008

>With the echo of synth stabs and a pungent mix of overwrought Sparks and Freddie Mercury still hanging in the air the Anglo-Argentinian duo of Sebastian Muravchix and Ali Renault, aka Heartbreak, leave the stage having set a decidedly retro mood romping through classics in waiting like ‘Regret’, ‘We’re Back’ and ‘Living Just For Fun’. … Continue reading

The Kills – Live: 8th Nov 2008

Go on then, name some cool male/female duos! Those without anything approaching a long term memory might opt for Anonymous and Old Cow from The Ting Tings. As if. Or Alice and Ethan from Crystal Castles. Okay I’ll give you that because those two kick ass! Or maybe, now cast your minds back fickle bastards, … Continue reading