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The Horrors – Skying

The progress of The Horrors from their murky debut with Strange House via Primary Colours with its clearer focus and wider appeal is one of slow incessant evolution. The sounds have changed and the tone is lighter in general but the soul of their sound remains intact. Now on the eve of the release of … Continue reading

M83 – Album Teaser

Anthony Gonzalez has been ‘a slumber’. And now he awakes. Actually he’s not been sleeping at all he probably been very hard at work creating all kinds of musical loveliness for his new album as M83. In the wake of 2008’s Saturdays=Youth Gonzalez has been busier than ever just not releasing his own material, until … Continue reading

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

It seems to have been a long time since For Emma, Forever Ago and it has been over three years, but more importantly in Bon Iver’s universe revolving around the sun that is Justin Vernon’s mellifluous vocals this new album seems like a large shift in focus and emphasis. Gone are the incredibly intimate, spare, … Continue reading

Cults – Cults

Cults are one of those ‘phenomenon’ that the internet spews forth from time to time. The remarkable take up following the online release of ‘Go Outside’ earlier this year is a testimony of that. With its semi-notorious taped intro of convicted killer Jim Jones intact and the solipsistic musical lilt, swaying at its centre it … Continue reading

Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Manchester Orchestra, the reviewed incarnation of the band at least, are a polarizing force. They’re either devoutly beloved or massively under appreciated by the music press, depending on who it is you read. They’re also not to be confused with the real thing. The actual musicians. The band’s third installment, ‘Simple Math’, following two previously … Continue reading

Maybeshewill – I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone

It happens. Bands are emotional beasts. Personnel changes. Focus shifts. What was previously relevant seems to no longer reflect their identity. So they take a step back. Re-assess. Consider their next move in light of the fact that they’ve failed to light up the musical heavens as they’d hoped. It’s a well worn path but … Continue reading

Austra – Feel It Break

Emerging from the seedier peripheries of synth pop and resurrecting that uneasy sense of dread and sleaze favoured by the likes of Japan or Soft Cell, signer, songwriter, leader, Katie Stelmanis, accompanied by Maya Postepski (drums) and Dorian Wolf (bass), ventures once more into her unsettling ‘goth’ electro world and delivers something beautifully strange. Under … Continue reading

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – No Help Coming

You can always rely on Holly Golightly to give you something familiar. And ‘No Help Coming’ is not going to be the album to buck any trends. The songs cover much the same ground as any of her earlier ones. The characters and situations as well worn as any in the country music canon. That’s … Continue reading

Colourmusic – My ___ is Pink

If I was to only recommend you hear one thing by Colourmusic, assuming that this one thing couldn’t be the entirety of ‘My ____ is Pink’ for some self-imposed and utterly imagined reason, then I’d have to settle on ‘The Little Death (In Five Parts)’ an extended mix of psych-drones and hooks at the heart … Continue reading

R.E.M. – Collapse Into Now

R.E.M. have soundtracked my life. I make no apologies for saying that had Pixies not existed R.E.M would happily sit atop the list of my favourite ever bands. Over the course of their 30 years together and my discovery of them a good few albums into their journey we’ve been pretty much inseparable. We’ve had … Continue reading




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