The Kills Open Up MusicFestNW 2011

The Kills @ The Crystal Ballroom (MusicFestNW) | September 7 | $20 | 7 | All Ages

Portland’s MusicfestNW 2011 is finally upon us and there are a wealth of amazing and interesting bands involved this year not least of which are The Kills who kick things off on day one with their own brand of dirty, scuzzed up blues.

The duo of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince conjure up claustrophobic sounds. Hard drum samples and loops underpin the free form, dreamlike imagery that Mosshart delivers in the distinct, raw vocal style as only she can. Its simultaneously alluring and distancing, a contradiction that sets up the occasionally uneasy tone the duo’s songs inhabit.

Their recently released fourth studio album Blood Pressures pulls together a set of hook-laden songs around the themes of obsessive love and sex. It’s torridly beautiful stuff full of highly emotive tunes and passionate delivery take Nail In My Coffin or Future Starts Slow, the stunning video for which is below, as the finest examples of this.

It’s not only the recent album which fans will be hoping to experience The Kills have a sumptuous back catalogue including 2008’s Midnight Boom with its wealth of recognisable songs, U.R.A. Fever, Black Balloon, Cheap and Cheerful to name only a few. It was here that the pair started exploring Mosshart’s voice as an instrument alongside delivering on the singing duties.

As a show in it’s own right The Kills is a must for all fans of rock music and as an introduction to this years MusicfestNW it’s so essential it should be illegal not to attend! Tickets are guaranteed to be scarce so stop procrastinating and get yours now.



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